Installing the SharpZ3 camera on a lightbar - SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.0

AutoVu SharpZ3 Deployment Guide 13.0

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SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.0
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If the patrol vehicle includes one of the supported lightbars, you can install SharpZ3 cameras using the lightbar mounting bracket.

What you should know

  • The SharpZ3 lightbar mounting bracket is compatible with several lightbars from Whelen®, Code3, and SoundOff Signal®. To verify that your lightbar is compatible, contact your AutoVu™ Sales representative.
  • When installing the spacer plate, the orientation of the plate depends on which side of the vehicle you are installing the cameras on.
  • You can attach the pan bracket to either the left or right side of the tilt bracket. You can change the mounting position for a better fit at the end of the installation.

To complete these steps, you need the following:

  • Socket wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
NOTE: The instructions and graphics in this section are for example only. Additional steps might be required depending on the type of lightbar installed on the vehicle.

After you finish

  • Align the cameras so that license plates of passing vehicles are within the camera's field of view.
  • Tighten the remaining fasteners on the lightbar mounting bracket.