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If the SharpZ3 system uses a cellular connection to transmit plate reads and to update hotlists and permits, you must install a cellular antenna on the patrol vehicle.

Before you begin

  • Install the base unit in the patrol vehicle.
  • Lower the vehicle's headliner to gain access to the underside of the mounting location.

What you should know

  • You can install the cellular antenna on the vehicle roof or trunk.

To complete these steps, you need the following:

Fine-toothed hole saw
For cable penetrations 1.3 cm (½ in.) or smaller, you can use a stepping drill bit. For larger holes, use a fine-toothed hole saw that is designed for vehicle body panels. It should be depth-regulated and include a pilot drill bit.


  1. Place a cable gland on the location of the vehicle roof where you intend to pass the cable and use a grease pencil or other marker to trace the outline of the cable gland.
    The cable gland should have an outer diameter of 1.9 cm (¾ in.) and an inner diameter .95 cm (⅜ in.).
    IMPORTANT: The hole should be slightly smaller than the outline of the cable gland so that the cable gland collar can grip the vehicle’s roof.
  2. Verify that both sides of the roof are clear of anything that could be damaged, and then drill the cable hole.
  3. Deburr the holes to remove any metal shards or remnants.
  4. Install the cable gland in the cable hole.
  5. Pass the cable through the cable gland and run the cable to the ToughPad dock.
  6. Connect the antenna cable to the SMA connector on the ToughPad dock.
  7. Peel off the adhesive liner from the back of the antenna.
  8. Align the antenna as desired and place the antenna on the vehicle. Apply pressure to ensure surface contact.