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To align a camera installed on a patrol vehicle, you must determine where to set up the tripod that holds the alignment target.

Before you begin

Use the alignment scenarios to find the X, Y, and D values that apply to your situation.

What you should know

Use the following illustration to help you measure X, Y, and D relative to your vehicle:

Tip: Using the vehicle’s wheels (vehicle wheel line) as a reference can help you ensure the X and Y measurements are perpendicular and parallel as required.
NOTE: The values X, Y, and D refer to alignment distances only, not your camera's plate reading distances.


  1. Secure the end of the measuring tape to the camera using one of the hook and loop clips.
  2. From the height of the camera lens, measure the X distance.

    Measure parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the vehicle’s wheel line. Use the plumb-bob weight and chalk to mark the ground where X falls.

  3. From the X point you marked on the ground, measure the Y distance.
    Measure on the ground, and parallel to the vehicle wheel line. Use the chalk to mark Y on the ground.
  4. To validate D, measure the D distance from the height of the camera lens.

    Measure parallel to the ground. Use the provided plumb-bob weight to see where D falls on the ground. If you are more than three inches off from the Y point, you must re-measure X and Y.

  5. Set up the tripod on the Y point you marked, raise the target so that its center is 36 in. (0.9 m) from the ground, and orient the target so it’s facing the camera.