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Wheel-imaging cameras are either side-mounted on the rear quarter panel or trunk-mounted.

NOTE: If you are installing two wheel-imaging cameras, ensure that they are mounted symmetrically on both sides of the vehicle.

The best choice of installation location generally depends on the vehicle make and model. When selecting a location, it is important to consider ease of installation, aesthetics, and the long-term survivability of the camera. Use the following information when deciding the best installation location.

Side mount

  • This is the preferred location because the wheel-imaging cameras will be closer to the parked vehicle’s wheels and they will appear larger in the image.
  • You will need to attach the camera to the vehicle using the provided bolts. Ensure that you can access the back of the vehicle panel (usually done by removing the tail light assembly or trunk liner).
  • To avoid road grime and rocks kicked up by the tires, select a location that is at or above the top of the wheel well.
  • Ensure that the cameras can be mounted symmetrically. Note the location of the vehicle’s fuel port and the range of motion of any sliding doors.

Trunk mount

  • Mounting may be easier because you do not need to access the side panel through the tail light assembly or trunk liner.
  • Repeated opening and closing of the trunk puts stress on the camera cables.
  • Slamming the trunk may affect camera alignment.
  • This installation type may not be suitable for vehicles with swinging rear doors.
  • To avoid damage in a collision, cameras should not extend past the vehicle bumper. Do not install cameras on the vehicle bumper.