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AutoVu™ Free-Flow Plugin Guide 9.1.0

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AutoVu™ Free-Flow

If you use AutoVu™ Free-Flow to manage transient parking and contract permit parking in parking zones, you can install the AutoVu™ Free-Flow plugin to manage parking lots where parking spots are leased to tenants.

The AutoVu™ Free-Flow plugin replaces the AutoVu™ Free-Flow Dashboard plugin. In addition to the previous features, the AutoVu™ Free-Flow plugin adds multi-tenant functionality to the system.

For example, in a parking lot that has 100 parking spots, the owner has decided to lease a limited number of parking spots to nearby businesses (tenants). A clinic reserves 45 spots for employee parking, a hotel reserves 30 spots for clients, and the parking lot owner decides to use the remaining 25 spots for transient parking using Pay-by-Plate Sync to manage the third-party parking provider permits.

In addition to the Parking sessions task and Parking zone activities task already available in Security Desk, the AutoVu™ Free-Flow plugin provides a portal where you can view parking lot occupancy dashboard and investigate vehicle activity.

In this example, you can see that three parked vehicles do not have a valid permit and should receive citations. Also, the hotel (tenant A) has exceeded its number of reserved spots by five vehicles and should be charged accordingly.

For more information on configuring an AutoVu™ Free-Flow system see About AutoVu™ Free-Flow