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From the AutoVu™ portal, you can view parking lot occupancy and investigate vehicle activity for each tenant.

The dashboard in the AutoVu™ portal shows the distribution of tenant occupancy.

IMPORTANT: When a vehicle begins a parking session, the dashboard associates the vehicle with a permit. If the permit expires, but the vehicle is covered under a second permit, this change is not tracked by the dashboard. Detailed information about a vehicle's parking session is available in the Parking occupancy task in Security Desk. For more information, see Displaying data in the Parking Occupancy task.
NOTE: It takes at least one minute for the portal to reflect changes in parking lot occupancy. It can take more time if there is a convenience period configured and the vehicle’s license plate is not already in the permit file.
  Dashboard feature Description
A Parking zone selection When you select a parking zone at the top of the Dashboard page, the information displayed on the page is updated to show tenant occupancy for that zone.
B Live occupancy Displays the current occupancy of the parking lot.
C Occupancy trend Displays parking lot occupancy over time.
D Violation count Displays the number of parking session violations that have not been enforced. A session is in violation if its paid time has expired, or if a parking permit was not purchased for the vehicle.
E Overflow count Displays the current number of vehicles in the parking lot that have exceeded the number of allotted spots for the permit.
F Usage details Displays the current occupancy for each tenant in the parking lot.
G Unassigned vehicles If a vehicle that enters the parking lot is not included on any permit and if parking time is not purchased as a transient parker, the vehicle is flagged as an Unassigned vehicle. When the vehicle's convenience time and grace period expires, the vehicle is added to the parking lot's Violation count.