Installing the AutoVu™ Free-Flow plugin - AutoVu™ Free-Flow 9.2.0

AutoVu™ Free-Flow Plugin Guide 9.2.0

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AutoVu™ Free-Flow 9.2.0
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You must install the AutoVu™ Free-Flow plugin on all Security Center computers that must run the plugin (including failover) and on all client machines that are used to configure the plugin.

Before you begin

  • Read the release notes for any known issues, limitations, and other important information about this release.
  • Install compatible versions of Security Center and Pay-by-Plate Sync on any machines that will use the plugin. For more information, see Product compatibility for the AutoVu™ Free-Flow plugin 9.2.0.
  • Ensure that your Security Center license has a valid certificate for the AutoVu™ Free-Flow plugin.

    The license number is included in the product-release email sent by the Genetec Inc. Product Manager. This email also includes links to the plugin download package and other license information.

  • In Security Center, configure the AutoVu™ Free-Flow solution with the required permits, permit restrictions, parking rules, and parking zones. For more information on configuring the AutoVu™ Free-Flow solution in Security Center, see About AutoVu™ Free-Flow.


To enable cloud services for your account:

  1. To access the AutoVu™ portal, contact your AutoVu™ representative and enable cloud services for your account.

To install the AutoVu™ Free-Flow plugin:

  1. Download the AutoVu™ Free-Flow package from the GTAP Product Downloads page.
  2. Double-click the setup.exe file, and follow the installation instructions.
  3. When the installation is complete, click Finish to close the wizard.