Investigating occupancy trends in parking lots - AutoVu™ Free-Flow 9.2.0

AutoVu™ Free-Flow Plugin Guide 9.2.0

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AutoVu™ Free-Flow 9.2.0
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From the AutoVu™ portal, you can investigate the number of vehicles associated with each tenant in the parking lot.


  1. Log on to the AutoVu™ portal.
  2. Click the Operations tab.
  3. Using the filters, define the Parking zone, Tenant, and Time range for the report.
  4. Click the Filter columns icon () to display additional details.
    NOTE: Additional columns are displayed only if the corresponding attributes are added to the required permit lists.
  5. (Optional) Click Export () to export your current search results in an Excel file.
    NOTE: The Excel file is automatically downloaded to the location configured in your browser.


The Operations page displays the vehicle activities.
NOTE: An entry displays empty values if the corresponding information is not received from the parking provider. For more information, see the Configuring an additional attribute in Security Center permits for Pay-by-Plate Sync.