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AutoVu™ SharpOS Release Notes 13.0 GA

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SharpOS 13.0 GA | SharpZ3
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Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

AutoVu™ SharpOS 13.0 GA includes the following limitations:

Issue First reported in Description
2371430 13.0 GA If the sun is low and behind the Sharp camera, the reflection of the sun on the target vehicle can overexpose the context image.
2354306 12.8 SR1 When the main server is rebooted, a Sharp unit might not reconnect to the main or fail-over server.
Workaround: Update the Sharp Platform to the latest package available on GTAP.
2317155 13.0 GA You cannot downgrade a Sharp unit to an earlier version of SharpOS.
2236641 12.8 GA When the Accept remote reboot requests checkbox is cleared in the Sharp Portal, it is still possible to reboot the unit by right-clicking it in the Config Tool area view entity tree and selecting Unit > Reboot.
2148472 12.7 GA When updating the Sharp unit using Internet Explorer, the upgrade might fail if the Windows feature Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode is not enabled.
2135241 12.7 GA When recording video from a Sharp from the Dashboard > Camera feeds page of the Sharp Portal, after clicking Cancel, the record button still shows "Stop recording".