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AutoVu™ SharpOS Release Notes 13.0 GA

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SharpOS 13.0 GA | SharpZ3
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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

SharpOS is the software component of a Sharp unit. SharpOS is responsible for everything related to plate capture, collection, processing, and analytics. For example, a SharpOS update may include new ALPR contexts, new firmware, Sharp Portal updates, and updates to the Windows services (Plate Reader, HAL, updater service, and so on).

AutoVu™ SharpOS 13.0 GA is a general availability release. The following articles describe the release in detail as it applies specifically to AutoVu™ hardware components. This can include information about the following:
  • ALPR contexts
  • Sharp camera hardware
  • Sharp Portal
  • Sharp firmware
  • Plate Reader and other related services

AutoVu™ SharpOS 13.0 GA includes the following new features:

Support for SharpZ3
SharpOS 13.0 adds support for the AutoVu™ SharpZ3 mobile automatic license plate recognition system. For more information on SharpZ3 hardware and software configuration, see the AutoVu™ SharpZ3 Deployment Guide.
NOTE: Support for SharpV cameras will be added in a future SharpOS 13 release.
SQLite replaces SQLServer Compact Edition
Sharp cameras running SharpOS 13.0 now use SQLite to store license plate reads. As a result, when a Sharp camera temporarily loses its network connection, a greater number of reads can be stored locally.

SharpZ3 maximum stored reads (approximation): = 6 GB / 250 KB per read = 24,000 reads

Hardware inventory list
The Sharp Portal now includes an Inventory page that displays the status of the hardware components of the system. From this page, you can also identify individual hardware components by blinking their LEDs.
Vehicle battery monitoring
By default, power to the SharpZ3 base unit and connected devices continues to be supplied for 60 seconds after the vehicle engine is turned off. From the Power options page in the Sharp Portal, you can configure how power is managed when the system shuts down.