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AutoVu™ SharpOS Release Notes 13.3.0

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AutoVu™ SharpOS 13.3.0 includes the following new features.

Security update

The SharpOS 13.3.0 update resolves a security issue where SharpZ3 units might be vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks.

IMPORTANT: This issue has a high severity rating (CVSS v3 score of 7.5). All SharpZ3 units should be updated immediately to SharpOS 13.3.0.

SharpOS compatibility

SharpOS 13.3.0 is compatible with both SharpV and SharpZ3 units. To update the SharpOS, see Supported SharpOS update paths.

General enhancements

Improved ALPR using AutoVu™ MLC:
The AutoVu™ MLC has been expanded to provide the following benefits to India and South American contexts:
  • Increased capture rate
  • Increased read rate
  • Decreased false positive reads
Enhanced ALPR regional contexts
  • Ireland: The Ireland context has been improved to recognize multiple new character patterns found in the region. Additionally, the system can now more accurately detect the state or province origin for license plates from Ireland.
  • Germany: The Germany context now recognizes license plates that use the region's new character pattern for letters (L) and numbers (N): LLL NN NNL.

Mobile installation enhancements

New filters added for SharpZ3 portal
The following Analytics and Camera filters that were previously available for SharpV units have now been made available in the SharpZ3 portal:
Plate tilt filter
You can now configure SharpZ3 cameras to ignore license plates where the angle of the plate is outside a certain range For example, if you need a parking enforcement vehicle to monitoring on-street parking, you can configure the angle in the plate tilt filter to exclude any reads received from vehicles parked in private driveways.
Character height filter
You can now configure the character height filter to ignore any license plate reads until they are within certain height range in the image. This is especially useful when the license plate reads sometimes occur when the plate is too far from the camera generating false positives or bad reads.
Region of interest setting
Using the region of interest setting, you can now limit the license plate detection to a specific part of the field of view. For example, if you have a SharpZ3 system installed on a bus to monitor any violations in the bus lane, you can configure the region of interest filter to focus only on the bus lane and ignore any adjacent lanes.
New Security Center extension added
In cases where there is no Genetec Patroller™ installed in the vehicle, you can configure the SharpZ3 units to directly send reads to the ALPR Manager in Security Center.