Updating a Sharp unit from the Sharp Portal - SharpOS 13.3.2 | SharpV

AutoVu™ SharpOS Release Notes 13.3.2

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SharpOS 13.3.2 | SharpV
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To benefit from the most recent security improvements, it is recommended to upgrade the unit's SharpOS and platform software from the Sharp Portal.

What you should know

    • When the SharpOS is updated, all plate reads that are stored locally on the Sharp are deleted.
    • Follow the correct upgrade path for the Sharp unit and install the SharpOS package and platform package in the order described. For more information, see Supported SharpOS update paths.
  • You can update the Sharp unit's platform package or SharpOS package.
    Platform package
    Updates Windows 10 with the latest security patches.
    IMPORTANT: For SharpV cameras, platform packages are available for SharpV and a SharpVG2 hardware versions. Ensure that the platform package matches the hardware version indicated in Dashboard > Overview > Type.
    SharpOS package
    Updates the SharpOS installed on the Sharp.
    • When the SharpOS is updated, all plate reads that are stored locally on the Sharp unit are deleted.
    • If Firmware shows the message Out of date, update the SharpOS package.


  1. Log on to the Sharp Portal.
  2. Download the update package from GTAP. Save the .gpack file on the local machine you are using to log on to the Sharp Portal.
  3. From the Configuration menu, select Maintenance.
  4. In the Packages section, click the Update button for the SharpOS.
  5. In the Update package dialog box, choose when to run the update.
    • Click Now to run the update immediately.
    • Click Specific date to schedule the update for off-peak hours.
  6. Click Add a package, find the update .gpack file, and then click Open.
  7. Acknowledge the warnings and click Update or click Schedule if you set a specific date for the update.
    IMPORTANT: Whether you configure the update for Now or for a Specific date, the package is transferred to the Sharp unit immediately. Do not close or navigate away from the browser page until the transfer is complete.
    The files are transferred to the Sharp unit and the update process begins.
    NOTE: At certain points in the update process, the progress bar might not move for several minutes. It can take up to 30 minutes to complete the update.

    If the update is successful, the new platform version is displayed and the History displays that the update Succeeded.