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AutoVu™ SharpOS Release Notes 13.6.0

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AutoVu™ SharpOS 13.6.0 includes important new features as well as updates for several bug fixes and security-related issues.

SharpOS compatibility

SharpOS 13.6.0 is compatible with SharpV G2 and G1 units. For more information, see Supported SharpOS update paths.

AutoVu MLC™ enhancements

Vehicle accessory detection
The capabilities of AutoVu MLC™ (Machine Learning Core) have been expanded to include the detection of several vehicle accessories such as hitches and spare tires. As AutoVu MLC™ continues to develop, it will be able to identify additional vehicle accessories.
Improved vehicle type detection
The latest improvement to AutoVu MLC™ gives Sharp cameras the ability to identify a larger variety of vehicle types. For example, where SharpOS would previously identify a vehicle as a "car" or "truck", it can now identify them as a "4-door sedan" or "dump truck".
Improved read rate for plates from North America
When using a regional context from North America, you can expect to capture an even higher number of potential license plate reads. In addition, SharpOS 13.6 sees an increase to the percentage of license plates that are read correctly and require no additional OCR processing.
NOTE: This improvement is not yet available for regional contexts that support stacked characters, such as Arizona and Colorado.

General enhancements

Vehicle orientation analytic
When the Vehicle type, color, and orientation analytic is enabled, the system attempts to identify if the vehicle orientation is front, back, side, front side, or back side.
New ALPR regional contexts
The following regional contexts are now available in the Analytics page of the Sharp Portal.
  • Ecuador
  • Israel
Enhanced ALPR regional contexts
Arabic Peninsula
  • In addition to the current support for plates from Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and UAE, the Arabic Peninsula regional context is now optimized for license plates from Jordan, Oman, and Qatar.
  • The Arabic Peninsula regional context now recognizes license plates from Abu Dhabi that feature a red logo.
The Morocco context now identifies the symbol "".
Systems using the Poland context will notice a reduction in character recognition errors.
In Wyoming, the same license plate number can be issued to multiple vehicle types. For example, a passenger vehicle plate, a motorcycle plate, and a commercial vehicle plate might all share the same license plate number. Using the new ReadWithSeparators custom field, the system includes dashes in the plate number to represent any images or dashes appearing in the actual license plate. This allows the system to differentiate between the license plates that share the same plate number.