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AutoVu™ SharpOS Release Notes 14.2.1

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AutoVu™ SharpOS 14.2.1 includes the following known limitations.

Issue First reported in Hardware affected Description
3225263 14.1.0 SharpV G3 SharpV does not support TLS 1.3. Version 1.2 of TLS is currently supported.
  • Disable TLS 1.3 on the server running the ALPR Manager role.
  • Install SharpOS 14.1 which disables TLS 1.3 on the SharpV unit.
2900873 14.0.0 SharpV G3 When updating a SharpV unit from the SharpOS 14.0.0 to a later version, the update finishes successfully but the Sharp Portal indicates that the update is still in progress.
NOTE: This issue has been resolved in SharpOS 14.0.2, but still affects SharpV units upgrading from SharpOS 14.0.0.
Workaround: When the update progress bar is complete, press F5/Refresh to reload the screen and remove the message.
2832585 14.0.0 SharpV G3 When the SharpV autofocus feature is used at night, the resulting images are sometimes not well-focused.
Workaround: Daylight is required for optimal autofocus performance.
2564832 13.3.0 SharpV G2 After you transfer all the reads to Security Center, the database size does not reflect the actual space occupied on the disk. For example, after transferring 10000 reads that occupied 1 Gb of database space, the Sharp Portal continues to display 1 Gb of database space as occupied with zero reads.
Workaround: On the Maintenance tab, click Free up space to display the actual available disk space.
2430297 13.0 GA SharpV When you enable remote assistance on a Sharp unit, you can click Extend by 1 hour once, but it is not possible to extend remote assistance twice.
Workaround: Disable remote assistance, then enable it again.
2371430 13.0 GA SharpV If the sun is low and behind the Sharp camera, the reflection of the sun on the target vehicle can overexpose the context image.
2354385 12.8 SR1 SharpV If you change the certificate of a SharpV when the ALPR Manager role is down, the SharpV might not be able to reconnect once the ALPR Manager role is up.
Workaround: Add the SharpV unit again in Config Tool. Select SharpV Certificate and wait for the unit to reboot.
2354306 12.8 SR1 SharpV When the main server is rebooted, a Sharp unit might not reconnect to the main or fail-over server.
Workaround: Update the Sharp Platform to the latest package available on GTAP.
2317155 13.0 GA SharpV You cannot downgrade a Sharp unit to an earlier version of SharpOS.
2239258 12.8 GA SharpV When the SharpV is configured to monitor dual lanes, the virtual loop, speed estimation, and region of interest features are not available.
2237601 12.8 GA SharpV When using the dual lane feature in conjunction with the Single read on trigger reading mode, two reads are generated every time the camera is triggered. If a vehicle is present in only one lane, the system generates one ALPR read and one NOPLATE read.
2236641 12.8 GA SharpV When the Accept remote reboot requests checkbox is cleared in the Sharp Portal, it is still possible to reboot the unit by right-clicking it in the Config Tool area view entity tree and selecting Unit > Reboot.
2236319 12.8 GA SharpV If you change the video encoding configured for a SharpV while the camera is already added on the Archiver, the video stream connection is lost and must be reconfigured to connect with the correct encoding.
2224894 12.8 GA SharpV When the Free-Flow read strategy is enabled on a SharpV, the speed estimation feature is not available.
2195726 12.7 GA SharpV The Virtual loop feature can sometimes generate NOPLATE events when parked cars are in the field of view.
Workaround: To reduce false NOPLATE events, adjust the zoom level of the ALPR and context cameras so that the context camera field of view is about double the width of the ALPR camera field of view.
2149700 12.7 GA SharpV Using the Optimize for static image background feature is not recommended if only a small part of the image background is static, for example, if many moving trees are visible. It is not recommended to use this feature in conjunction with Virtual Loop when vehicles are traveling at speed above 50 km/h (30 MPH).
2148472 12.7 GA SharpV When updating the Sharp unit using Internet Explorer, the upgrade might fail if the Windows feature Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode is not enabled.
2136538 12.7 GA SharpV Following an upgrade to SharpOS 12.7 or higher, the browser is refreshed and points to https://<SharpV IP address>:443. If the network topology uses a NAT, the browser will not be redirected to the Sharp Portal unless port forwarding has been configured for access to the Sharp Portal.
2030186 12.7 GA SharpV When a SharpV is enrolled under the ALPR Manager using the LPM protocol, if you then modify the configuration to use the Security Center (legacy) extension, a second SharpV entity is added to the ALPR Manager.
Workaround: To ensure that the reads that were made using the LPM protocol are still accessible, merge the reads from the two entities using the Unit replacement tool in Config Tool.
1959475 12.7 GA SharpV After upgrading a SharpV to use the LPM protocol, the auto-generated self-signed certificate that is included with the SharpV is not automatically installed on the server machine.
945150 12.3 GA SharpV When configuring the virtual loop, the zoom level of the ALPR and context cameras must be adjusted so that the context camera field of view is more than the double of the width of the ALPR camera field of view.
944854 12.3 GA SharpV The Speed estimation feature uses the width of the license plate to calculate the vehicle's speed. When this feature is used in regions where there are multiple license plate widths, for example, if trucks use different sized plates than cars, speed estimation can be inaccurate.
942672 12.3 GA SharpV The speed estimation feature is less accurate in countries where the license plate dimensions are not uniform. Speed estimation is also less accurate because some plate features (for example, logos) can make the plate appear smaller than it is.
900724 12.3 GA SharpV If the ALPR camera fails to capture a vehicle’s license plate and the vehicle is then detected by the virtual loop, a NOPLATE event is only generated when the vehicle leaves the camera's field of view. In the case where the vehicle is still within the field of view when it exits the parking lot, the parking attendant is not notified of the NOPLATE event until after the vehicle has left the parking lot.
781714 12.2 GA SharpV When using the Optimize for static image background feature, the system can sometimes read plates in the image background after a vehicle or pedestrian passes in front of the camera.
741365 12.1 GA SharpV When updating a Sharp from the Sharp Portal using the Web Updater tool, the upload files might fail if you are using Internet Explorer 11.
Workaround: If you are using Internet Explorer to access the Sharp Portal, open the browser's Internet Options configuration page, select the Advanced tab, turn on Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protection Mode, and the restart the computer.