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The status LED on the SharpV camera unit responds according to the status of the system.

The following table describes how the SharpV camera’s LED behaves in response to the SharpV system’s status:

State Description LED (red or green)
Off Unit is powered-off. Off
Covert mode The camera is configured in covert mode. Following camera startup, the LED is deactivated. Off
Catastrophic failure The camera is shut down due to a critical error, for example, an over-temperature alarm. In this state, you cannot connect to the camera. Slow red blinking (0.5 seconds off – 0.5 seconds on)
Major failure Plate Reader is down. You might be able to connect to the camera and you might be able to see the logs. Three red blinks per second
Performance issues or minor failure Plate Reader is running with important performance issues, for example, failure of the illuminator . One short red blink per second
PoE+ failure The PoE power supply has failed to negotiate IEEE 802.3at (POE+, or 25.5 W). PlateReader will not run, but the Sharp Portal might be accessible. Check the SharpV logs.

For more information, see the network cable requirements for SharpV cameras.

One long red blink and one short green blink per second
Camera update Plate Reader is down during the camera update, but is expected to come back online after the update is complete. Five green blinks per second
Locate camera After clicking Blink LED in the Sharp Portal, the LED blinks for 10 seconds. Slow red and green alternating (0.5 seconds each)
Focus mode The camera's focus and zoom are being adjusted in the Sharp Portal. Fast red and green alternating (0.25 seconds each)
Normal mode The camera is running normally. Solid green
Camera startup The camera is booting up. One green blink per second