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AutoVu™ SharpV Administrator Guide 13.2

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This section lists the settings found in the Overview page of the Sharp Portal and provides general information about the SharpV, such as serial number, license, IP address, input and relay status, and so on.

To navigate to the Overview page, click Configuration > Overview.

Camera info

The following information is displayed:

Serial number
Displays the SharpV hardware serial number.
Displays whether the SharpV license is valid, invalid, or missing.
Displays the inputs on the SharpV and whether the input is in a High or Low state. A high-state input is indicative of a voltage of 5.75 V or higher. A low-state input is indicative of a voltage of 4.80 V or lower.
Displays the SharpV relays and whether the relay state is Opened or Closed. The SharpV has two 0.25 A solid-state relays and two 8 A electromechanical relays.
Test relays
Click to toggle your configured relay between Opened and Closed to validate the configuration.
Mac address
Displays the MAC address of the SharpV. This information might be requested if you contact technical support.
Displays the type of Sharp unit.
Displays the camera's LED wavelength and range option.
Displays the software image installed on the SharpV. If you contact technical support, you might be asked to provide this number.
Displays the SharpOS version currently installed.
Displays the update status of the Sharp unit.
Provides additional information about the versions of the files and components included in the package.
Displays the SharpOS package version. You can use this information to confirm that your SharpV is up to date.
Select which of the two SharpV camera feeds to display.
NOTE: Information on context cameras is not applicable to SharpV ITS cameras.
Displays the coordinates of the SharpV camera: the camera's position must be configured in Security Center. Click Locate on map to display the camera's position on a map.


The following information is displayed:

IP addresses
Displays the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the SharpV.
Displays whether the SharpV is connected to the Internet.
Video streams
If the SharpV has been added to the Security Center Archiver and is being used to monitor video, then the camera name, client IP address, frame rate, and encoding format are listed for each stream.

Storage and usage

You can view information about reads stored on the SharpV, CPU usage, and memory usage. Indicator lines, usually green or orange, are provided so you can see the status. If an indicator line stays red for a prolonged period of time, it indicates either high CPU activity or that there is a problem.

Reads stored
Indicates the reads stored in the database of the SharpV. The number of reads is also displayed.
Displays information on the system's RAM memory.
CPU (Total)
Indicates the total CPU usage of the SharpV. Click Show details to see the usage for each CPU.

Last activities

Unit rebooted
Indicates the last time the unit was restarted.
Software restarted
Indicates the last time the PlateReader software was restarted.