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Refer to the technical, mechanical, and environmental specifications when planning and deploying a SharpV camera.

Mechanical and environmental specifications

Hardware Specification
ALPR camera sensor 1280 x 960 progressive scan 30 fps (60 Hz) or 25 fps (50 Hz), monochrome
Context camera sensor 1280 x 960 progressive scan 30 fps (60 Hz) or 25 fps (50 Hz), color

(available on Standard model only)

NOTE: Information on context cameras is not applicable to SharpV ITS cameras.
Capture range
2.75 - 18.25 m (9 - 60 ft)
Long range
18.2535 m (60 - 115 ft)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 63 x 192 x 214 mm (2.5 × 7.6 × 8.5 in.)

Height including sunshield for black version: 69 mm (2.7 in.)

Weight 2.29 kg (5.04 lb)
Illuminator Pulsed LED illuminator for effective use in 0 lux (total darkness) environments. Different illumination wavelengths are available.
Available colors Security white or black
Operating temperature
  • -40⁰C to 65°C (-40⁰F to 150⁰F) ambient
  • -40⁰C to 55°C (-40⁰F to 130⁰F) ambient for installations in India
On-board analytics Single-camera speed estimation, direction of travel, virtual loop, and state name (North America and Europe)
Power supply PoE+ (Power-over-Ethernet; 802.3at Type 2 (25.5 W))
Input rating PoE+: 43 – 57V, 0.6 – 0.4A
Compression MJPEG or H.264 video compression for ALPR and Context feeds; JPEG compression for ALPR and Context still images
External interface 1 x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet port
External I/O
  • 2 inputs (Opto-isolated, DC polarized)
  • 2 outputs (Opto-isolated, dry)
Mounting Pole mount and wall mount included.

Network cable specifications

Hardware Specification
Cable rating CAT5e or higher (special connector provided for IP67 rating)
Shielding Shielded or unshielded
Conductor gauge 24 AWG
Conductor arrangement Straight-through EIA-568A or EIA-568B
Cable diameter The RJ45 connector that is shipped with the system accepts CAT5e cable diameters in the range 4.8 - 6.7 mm (0.19 - 0.26 in.).

The bayonet shell supports cable diameters in the range 4 - 8 mm ( 0.16 - 0.31 in.).

Cable length Maximum 100 m (330 ft)
Environmental The network cable must be waterproof and UV-resistant, with a temperature rating appropriate for your climate.
PoE+ standard Power-over-Ethernet; 802.3at Type 2 (25.5 W)
  • Not all hardware that is labeled "PoE+" meets the IEEE 802.3at standard that is required for use with the SharpV.
  • Ensure that the total power consumption of all hardware connected to the PoE+ source does not exceed the power budget of the PoE+ source. Each SharpV camera must be supplied with 25.5 W.

Input / output specifications

Hardware Specification
Number of inputs 2
Input rating 0 VDC - 30 VDC
Guaranteed ON state threshold 5.75 V
Guaranteed OFF state threshold 4.80 V
Overvoltage protection Included
Reverse voltage protection Included
Input type Opto-isolated, DC polarized
Number of outputs 2
Output rating 30 V / 100 mA
On-state voltage Von = <1.0 V @ 2 mA

Von = <2.5 V @ 100 mA

Overcurrent (overload) protection Included
Reverse voltage protection Included
Output type Opto-isolated, dry

Input / output cable specifications

Hardware Specification
Cable diameter The I/O cable assembly is compatible with cable diameters in the range 4 - 8 mm (0.16 - 0.31 in.).
NOTE: Two different cable seals are included with the I/O cable assembly. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions to determine which seal to install for the diameter of cable you are using.
Wire gauge The I/O cable assembly can support a maximum wire gauge of 20 AWG. The cable's voltage rating must be suitable for the SharpV I/O specifications and must conform to electrical codes in your region.
Weather rating The cable must be waterproof, UV resistant, and must be rated for outdoor installation in accordance with your region.

SharpV mounting specifications

Hardware Specification
Mounting bolts Type M6 x 1mm
Mounting hole distance 70 mm (2 3/4 in.)
Mounting hole depth 9.5 mm (3/8 in.)

Certifications and compliance

Compliance Specification
Safety IEC/EN 62471. Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems
WARNING: Depending on the LED illuminator wavelength option selected for the camera hardware, the light emitted from the device might be visible or invisible to the eye. To limit the danger to your eyes caused by infrared light, stay at least 20 cm (8 in.) from the front of the camera. Ensure that the camera installation location prevents or discourages anyone from looking at the face of the camera from within this distance.
Electromagnetic immunity and emissions FCC part 15 Subpart B | ICES-003 Issue 4 | CISPR32 / EN55032 | CISPR 24 / EN 55024
EMC Directive (CE marking) 2014/30/EU
Vibration and shock

Random : IEC 60068-2-64; 5-100Hz; 0.5g; 3 axes; 1 hours/axis

Sinusoidal, endurance : NEMA TS-2 Test; 30Hz, 3 axes; 1 hours/axis

Shock resistance : IEC60068-2-27 / NEMA TS-2 Test 2.2.9; 10g; 3 axes, 3 shocks per direction per axis

Water resistance and sealing IEC 60529 IPx6, IPx7 | IEC 60529 IP6x

Part numbers

Component Signification
A SharpV prefix
B Color: W (white) or B (black)
C Range:
S (standard):
2.75 - 18.25 m (9 - 60 ft)
L (long range):
18.2535 m (60 - 115 ft)
D Illumination: LED illumination in nanometers
E Camera option: LC (ALPR and context) or L (ITS - Intelligent Traffic Systems: ALPR only)