Assembling the tele-pole and lower swing arm - SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1

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SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1
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The tele-pole is connected to the lower swing arm and is installed on the base mount.

What you should know

Use these steps to install the following hardware:

RAM-VP-TTM12U (Genetec part number: AU-H-RAMPOLETOP12)
Swing arm
RAM-VB-109-3U (Genetec part number: AU-H-RAMSWING)

Refer to the following diagram when assembling the tele-pole:

A Plastic knob
B Thrust washer assembly:
  • 2 x flat washers
  • Ball bearing washers
C Swing arm
D Nylon washer
E Upper tube
F Aluminum wedge
G Spring
H Plastic wedge
I Threaded rod
J Hex lock nut
NOTE: The hardware provided with the swing arm is not required. This includes an additional knob (A), thrust washer assembly (B), and nylon washer (D).


  1. Screw the lock nut (J) onto the threaded rod (I) using a wrench. The rod should protrude through the nut by about 0.6 cm (1/4").
    Tip: For a better grip, you can use pliers to hold the center of the bolt.
  2. Slide the plastic wedge (H) onto the rod. The flat part of the wedge should touch the lock nut.
  3. Slide the spring (G) onto the rod.
  4. Invert the metal wedge (F) and slide it onto the rod. The angled side of the two wedges should touch.
  5. Slide the upper tube (E) onto the rod. The flared side of the tube should point away from the wedges.
  6. Slide a nylon washer (D) onto the rod.
  7. Slide the lower swing arm (C) onto the rod as shown in the diagram.
    NOTE: The manufacturer's name "RAM" must be facing upward.
  8. Create a thrust washer assembly (B) using a ball bearing washer between two flat washers.
  9. Slide the thrust washer assembly onto the rod.
  10. Screw the plastic knob (A) onto the top of the rod. Do not tighten the knob.
  11. Slide the tele-pole assembly into the lower pole which is attached to the base mount.
  12. Tighten the plastic knob to secure tele-pole to the base mount.