Installing a wheel-imaging camera - SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1

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SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1
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After you have drilled the mounting holes, you can mount the wheel-imaging camera using the supplied hardware.


  1. Run the cut end of the 10 meter iX PoE cable from the trunk unit to the outside of the vehicle, through the camera cable hole.
    NOTE: If you drill any additional holes to pass the cable, install grommets to protect the cable.
  2. Cut the excess cable.
    • Before making the cut, make sure that the iX connector can still reach its port on the Aux PoE expansion module.
    • Leave enough cable so that you can comfortably create the RJ45 connection in later steps.
  3. Slide the cable connector gland onto the end of the cable.
  4. Terminate the camera cable. Arrange the conductors according to the EIA-T568B standard. For more information, see Conductor arrangements for SharpZ3 cameras.
  5. Connect the RJ45 plug to the camera connector.
    IMPORTANT: Ensure that the tab on the RJ45 plug locks into place.
  6. Slide the cable connector gland over the RJ45 plug and rotate the front of the connector gland ½ turn.
    WARNING: Do not tighten the constrictor ring at the back of the cable connector gland yet. You must first tighten the front of the cable connector gland highlighted in this image.
  7. To create a waterproof connection, hand-tighten the constrictor ring at the end of the cable connector gland.
    WARNING: Do not try to connect or disconnect the cable while the constrictor ring is tightened.
  8. Push the cable connector through the hole and install the grommet.
    Tip: To reduce vibration noise, secure the connector with tie wraps.
  9. Remove the three Torx-head screws from the camera body using the provided key wrench.
  10. Separate the camera dome from the camera base.
    NOTE: The camera dome is connected to the camera base by a securing strap. You can let the dome hang freely while you install the camera base.
  11. Insert the provided mounting bolts through the camera base and through the vehicle body panel.
    To ensure proper water drainage, install the base with the red on the top.
  12. Attach the camera using the provided nuts and washers.
  13. Connect the wheel imaging camera cable to the Aux PoE expansion module. For more information, see SharpZ3 Aux PoE expansion module connections.
  14. Log on to the Sharp Portal.
  15. Associate the wheel-imaging camera with a SharpZ3 camera. For more information, see Associating wheel-imaging cameras with SharpZ3 camera units
  16. Open the Camera feeds page, and monitor the feed from the wheel-imaging camera.
  17. Aim the camera for a side mount or trunk mount installation.

    You can adjust three axes of rotation.

    Make sure that the arrow is pointing down.

  18. Attach the dome to the camera body and secure it using the three Torx-head screws.
  19. Complete the installation.
    • Replace all tail light assemblies and trunk liners that were removed for the installation.
    • Secure the cable using tie wraps.