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Depending on the type of vehicle the ToughPad mount is being installed in, you might need to install a universal base mount, or a base mount that is designed for the vehicle.

What you should know

Use these steps to install the following hardware:

Base mount
RAM-VB-109-3U (Genetec part number: AU-H-RAMSWING)
NOTE: For this example, we are using the universal base mount.
Lower pole
RAM-VP-TBF12U (Genetec part number: AU-H-RAMPOLEBOT12)
NOTE: The lower pole is always shipped with the ToughPad mount hardware, however, the lower pole is only required if you are installing the universal base mount. If you are using a custom base mount, a lower pole is fused to the base mount.
Refer to the following diagram when installing the seat base:
A Lower pole
B Universal base mount


  1. Assemble and install the base mount using the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. If the base mount you are installing includes a separate lower pole (A), attach it to the base mount using the manufacturer's instructions.