Mounting the AutoVu™ car camera switch - SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1

AutoVu™ SharpZ3 Deployment Guide 13.1

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SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1
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To control SharpZ3 camera selection using the AutoVu™ car camera switch, you must mount the switch in an accessible location in the patrol vehicle.


  1. Decide on a mounting location.
    • The switch can be installed anywhere in the patrol vehicle that is safely within reach of the driver. For vehicles that include an in-vehicle computer, the mounting arm usually provides a convenient mounting location.
    • If the supplied mounting accessories are not appropriate for your selected mounting location, you can use any components from RAM® Mounts that are compatible with the 1-inch mounting ball on the car switch.
  2. Run the car switch cable from the mounting location to the base unit.
    NOTE: The pigtail end of the cable is connected to the base unit and the cable connector connects to the car switch.
  3. Assemble the supplied mounting accessories according to the instructions included with the hardware.