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AutoVu™ SharpZ3 Deployment Guide 13.1

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SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1
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This section lists the settings found in the Auxiliary cameras page of the Sharp Portal. Use the Auxiliary cameras page to configure the ports of the SharpZ3 Aux PoE expansion module and to change PoE camera passwords.

To navigate to the Auxiliary cameras page, click Configuration > Cameras > Auxiliary cameras.

The following information is displayed:

Wheel-imaging camera association

Camera Unit
Lists the installed SharpZ3 camera units.
Associated AUX PoE camera
You must associate the right and left wheel-imaging cameras with their respective SharpZ3 camera units. Select the PoE expansion module port where the associated wheel-imaging camera is connected.
Tip: If you are not sure which port a wheel-imaging camera is connected to, check the video feed for the auxiliary cameras in Dashboard > Camera feeds.


Change camera password
AutoVu™ auxiliary PoE cameras use the default Username: admin and Password: 1234. If required by local regulations, you can change the camera password from the Sharp Portal instead of using the camera's web portal.
IMPORTANT: If you change the AUX PoE expansion module port connection after you change the password, you must reapply the password.