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This section lists the settings found in the Camera feeds page of the Sharp Portal. Use the Camera feeds page to view the live feeds of the context camera, ALPR camera, and auxiliary cameras.

NOTE: Some of the fields described in this section do not apply to auxiliary cameras.

To navigate to the Camera feeds page, click Dashboard > Camera feeds.

Camera feeds

The Camera feeds section displays the live video feeds for any two of the connected camera units or auxiliary cameras such as wheel-imaging cameras. You can also view information about the live video feed such as the FPS, Resolution, Exposure time, and so on.


Camera unit
Select which Sharp camera or auxiliary camera to view.
Displays the resolution and the lens focal range available for cameras connected to the SharpZ3 unit.
  • Crosshairs: Select this option to display crosshairs in the ALPR or context camera window.
  • Bounding box: Select this option to display the yellow bounding box around detected plates in the ALPR camera window.
Click the Record button to capture a series of context and ALPR images directly from the Camera feeds window and save them to your computer as a .zip file for debugging purposes.
  • Using the Record feature increases CPU usage.
  • To use this feature, you cannot use the camera's auto-generated certificate. You must install a self-signed certificate that includes the IP address of the camera.


FPS (actual/average)
Displays the FPS of the context camera. This is the framerate processed by the ALPR engine.
Displays the resolution of the camera's video feed.
Exposure time
Displays the Exposure time of the video frame.
Displays the Gain of the video frame.
(Context camera only) Displays the intensity of light of the illuminator (as a percentage) on the Context camera.

Last reads

Every read detected is displayed in this field as a potential read candidate. The camera can read up to 30 frames (reads) per second. The Read strategy configured on the Analytics page determines which read candidate will be used as the final read.
  • The list contains the reads that have been made in this portal session. Exiting the session resets the list.
  • The list is of limited length and older reads are automatically removed.
  • Clicking on an entry pauses the list. Clicking Play resumes the list refresh and adds new reads that were received while the list was paused.
  • The Count field accounts for all incoming reads and does not distinguish between camera units.