Viewing camera feeds in the SharpOS 13.1 Sharp Portal - SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1

AutoVu™ SharpZ3 Deployment Guide 13.1

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SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1
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You can use the camera feed to test and align Sharp cameras.


  1. Log on to the Sharp Portal.
  2. From the Dashboard menu, select the Camera feeds page.
    The Camera feeds page displays the feeds from the selected Sharp unit and recent license plate reads from the unit.
    The following options are available in the Camera feeds page:
    Camera unit
    Select which Sharp camera or auxiliary camera to view.
    Displays the resolution and the lens focal range available for cameras connected to the SharpZ3 unit.
    • Crosshairs: Select this option to display crosshairs in the ALPR or context camera window.
    • Bounding box: Select this option to display the yellow bounding box around detected plates in the ALPR camera window.
    Click the Record button to capture a series of context and ALPR images directly from the Camera feeds window and save them to your computer as a .zip file for debugging purposes.
    • Using the Record feature increases CPU usage.
    • To use this feature, you cannot use the camera's auto-generated certificate. You must install a self-signed certificate that includes the IP address of the camera.
  3. From the Camera unit menu, select a camera group to view its live feeds.

After you finish

To reduce network bandwidth, after you have finished viewing the camera feeds, select No camera from the Cameras menu, or navigate to a different page of the Sharp Portal.