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You can configure the additional advanced settings for the Barco CMS plugin 4.2 using the AdvancedSettings.xml file located in the installation directory of the Barco CMS plugin, for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Security Center Plugins\Barco CMS.

You must run the plugin at least once to have access to the AdvancedSettings.xml file.
IMPORTANT: After upgrading to Barco CMS 4.2, all previous configuration made in the AdvancedSettings.xml file is lost. All advanced settings are reverted to the default values of version 4.2, and must be set again. Some of these settings are now only configurable from Config Tool, and are not listed in the following table.

Refer to Configuring advanced settings in the Barco CMS plugin to configure these migrated settings.

The following table lists the options that you can configure, their descriptions, and the default and recommended values.

Option name Description Default value Recommended range
AllowRealTimeSavingInTask When set to true, the Barco CMS task in Security Desk will have a toggle switch which enables you to enter real-time editing mode. In Real-time editing mode, you no longer have to Apply or Cancel your changes. It is done automatically based on the time interval specified in the TaskAutoSaveIntervalMilliseconds option. False N/A
AlwaysShowErrorDecorators This setting determines if errors are displayed under the video feed for cameras on the wall. True N/A
CmsServerConnectionWatcherIntervalSeconds The time interval (in seconds) that the plugin waits before testing the connection with the Barco CMS server. 15 10-60
LayoutThreshold The sensitivity value used to determine if a layout change has occurred in the Barco CMS task in Security Desk. 1.5 0.5-2.5
MaxTilerWidthHeight Maximum valid value for width or height of a grid. 100 50-150
TaskAutoSaveIntervalMilliseconds When AllowRealTimeSavingMode is enabled, this is the interval (in milliseconds) at which the Barco CMS task in Security Desk will apply any changes. 400 300-2500
UpgradeTimeoutSeconds Timeout value (in seconds) for an upgrade procedure from a previous version of the Barco CMS plugin. 120 100-500