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The Barco CMS plugin 4.2 includes the following known limitations.

Issue Description
1586839 Barco CMS task: When in the Tree view of the Barco tab, if you create or rename a display, Perspective, or source, the component is not automatically reordered alphabetically.
Workaround: Close and then re-open the Barco CMS task.
1010408 A user can still share and unshare sources on Perspectives, even though the user is configured to be denied the Share/Unshare perspectives privilege.
Workaround: The user with the denied privileges must log off of, and log back in to Config Tool.
641787 Video does not stream on the Barco wall when encryption is enabled in Security Center.
Workaround: Disable encryption on the Archiver or on the camera.
168289 The backup and restore functionality of the Barco CMS is not supported. If you do perform a backup or restore, any Perspectives that were configured beforehand will no longer work correctly.
159103 You cannot delete a Perspective from the Barco CMS task while it’s being viewed or edited by a Barco Sidebar user.
Workaround: Close the Perspective in Barco Sidebar.
158735 After clearing the Draw grid lines option for a Perspective, the option remains enabled the next time you select the Perspective.
Workaround: Clear the option again.
149793 You cannot resize a source that represents a camera sequence in Barco Sidebar.
Workaround: Use the Barco CMS task in Security Desk to resize the source.
114303 Video feeds and camera sequences may take a long time to load in the CMS system.
Workaround: In Config Tool, on the Video page of the camera, try increasing the Key frame interval. Also, when creating a camera sequence in Config Tool, set the Dwell time to a minimum of five seconds so the feed has enough time to load before the next feed starts.