Modifying decorator groups - Barco CMS 4.2

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Barco CMS 4.2
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You can update decorator groups by changing which templates belong to the selected group. You can also delete old groups that are no longer being used.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Select Barco CMS from the entity browser, and click the Decorators tab.
  3. Select the Groups pane.
  4. Select a decorator group from Groups list.
    The decorator templates in the selected group are listed in a pane to the right.
  5. Optional: To delete a decorator template from a group, select the template from the decorator template list, and then click Delete.
  6. Optional: To add a decorator template to the group, under the decorator template list, click Add, select a decorator template from the Pick a decorator dialog box, and then click OK.

  7. Optional: To delete the decorator groups that are not needed, select the group from the Groups list, and then click Delete.
  8. Click Apply.