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Familiarizing yourself with Barco CMS terminology can help you gain a better understanding of how the Barco CMS plugin works.

Term Definition
Barco display A Barco display is the software component that transforms any computer to a display device for Barco. A Barco display can be viewed as a logical display unit.
Decorator Decorators in Barco are metadata overlays (timestamp, border, text, and so on) that can be applied to sources (video feeds).
decorator instance A Decorator is referred to as a decorator instance after it is applied to a source that is shared on a Perspective. A decorator instance is created using a decorator template, and can be modified independently of the decorator template it was copied from.
decorator template A Decorator is referred to as a decorator template in Config Tool. See Decorator.
Perspective A Perspective is similar to a layout in Security Desk. It contains Barco sources and information on how they are arranged on a display.
source A Barco source is a data stream that is displayed in a tile. The Barco CMS server can use Security Center cameras as sources through the Barco CMS task in Security Desk.