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Barco CMS Plugin Guide 4.2

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Barco CMS 4.2
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You can find and view all the entities that make up a display in the Barco tab on the left side of the Barco CMS task window.

You can also use the Barco tab to delete Perspectives and sources, as well as remove them from other components. You can switch between Tree or List view by moving the slider at the bottom of the Barco tab.

Tree view

The Barco tab opens in Tree view by default. The Tree view organizes the display components in the following hierarchy:
  • Displays are root nodes located at the top of the tree.
  • Perspectives are child entities of displays.
  • Sources are child entities of Perspectives.

NOTE: Perspectives that are shared on (not associated with) a display are root nodes that follow display root nodes. Video sources that are not associated with a Perspective or display are at the bottom of the tree.

List view

From the List view, you can see a list of entities by category (displays, Perspectives, or sources). You can expand the category you want to view by clicking the arrow icon.