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During synchronization, the CCURE Access Control plugin pulls entities and events from the CCURE 9000 system into Security Center.

The plugin offers three ways to synchronize Security Center with the CCURE 9000 system:
  • live
  • automatic
  • manual
When the plugin role is created, all synchronization options are disabled.
Depending on the number of entities, synchronization can take many minutes or even hours to complete. For faster synchronization, disable the synchronization of entities that you do not require.
Live synchronization
  • When enabled, new additions, deletions, and modifications of events and entities in the CCURE 9000 system are immediately made in Security Center.
  • When the Events, Hardware, areas and zones, Personnel, and Journal sections are switched OFF, the related entities are not synchronized when changes occur on the CCURE 9000 system.
  • When the Partitions section is switched OFF, all CCURE 9000 partitions are included in the synchronization. When Partitions is switched ON, you can choose which CCURE 9000 partitions to include during the synchronization.
Manual synchronization
  • After setting up the plugin role, a full manual synchronization must be done to import all CCURE 9000 entities and events in Security Center. To receive an event from an entity, it must be in Security Center.
  • When synchronization starts, the CCure entities that you selected are imported in Security Center.
Automatic synchronization upon reconnection
  • When the plugin reconnects after a loss of connection, automatic synchronization captures the current state of all entities on the CCURE 9000 system.