Preparing the CCURE 9000 server for integration - CCURE 3.6

CCURE Access Control Plugin Guide 3.6

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Before you install or upgrade the CCURE Access Control plugin, you must perform some pre-installation steps.


  1. Make sure there is a compatible version of the CCURE 9000 management software installed.
  2. Make sure that the license of your CCURE 9000 system supports the access control integration with Security Center.
  3. Make sure that the CCURE 9000 system is configured and working as expected.
  4. On all routers, switches, and network devices, unblock the port used to communicate with Security Center. The default port is 5645
  5. Confirm that the CCURE 9000 server can communicate with the Security Center server where the plugin will be installed, using the Ping command, Telnet, etc.
  6. Set a customized user account to run your CCURE 9000 services.
    • For instructions, see the section on "Customizing the Software House Services" in the CCURE 9000 Installation and Upgrade Guide for your version.
    • Take note of the credentials; you need them during the installation of the proxy service.