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The plugin uses native properties of cardholder entities, such as First name, Last name, Email address, and Picture, and also custom fields to synchronize personnel record attributes from CCURE 9000.

Custom fields

The plugin creates the custom fields using the same names that are defined in the CCURE 9000 system.

CCURE 9000 system is the source

Synchronization is one-way from CCURE 9000 to Security Center. Any changes made to a CCURE 9000 entity in Security Center are lost during the next synchronization. For this reason, CCure personnel (cardholders) information should only be updated in the CCURE 9000 system. Do not make changes to personnel directly in Security Center.

Personnel attributes added to cardholders

During a synchronization of personnel, the following personnel record attributes are added to cardholder entities.
CCURE personnel record configuration tab Attributes
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Object ID
  • Personnel Type
  • Operator Name
  • Email address
  • Escort Option
  • Options
    • Alternate shunt (ADA)
    • Noticed
    • Activate Antipassback Event
    • Keypad Command Administrator
    • Intrusion Zone Administrator
    • Inactivity Exempt
    • Can Perform Guard Tour
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Customer Customer Fields:
  • Text1 - Text25
  • Int1 - Int9
  • Logical1 - Logical4
  • Date1 - Date4
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User defined fields User defined fields for personnel are imported as defined by the CCURE 9000 system.