Limitations in the CCURE Access Control plugin 3.7.0 - CCURE 3.7

CCURE Access Control Plugin Guide 3.7.0

C•CURE 9000 Access Control
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The CCURE Access Control plugin 3.7.0 include the following known limitations.

Issue First reported in Description
2961679 CCURE Access Control 3.7.0 When the plugin is federated, cardholder activities reports generated on the host system can include duplicate cardholder activities.
2960935 CCURE Access Control 3.7.0 When running CCURE 2.9, the event messages for manual actions do not include the names of the users who perform those actions.
2930188 CCURE Access Control 3.6.1 When an alarm is triggered and acknowledged in Security Desk, the alarm does not reappear in the Alarm monitoring task if it is triggered again by a lesser-priority cause.
2367980 CCURE Access Control 3.6 Security Desk freezes while updating XFEvents on systems that are running the CCURE Access Control plugin and Genetec Clearance™..
Workaround: Uninstall Genetec Clearance™.
2363338 CCURE Access Control 3.6 CCURE XFEvents are not federated.
2355826 CCURE Access Control 3.6 CCURE event templates are not imported into Security Center.
2354342 CCURE Access Control 3.6 By default, the status of XFEvents is not updated automatically.
Workaround: Either refresh the XFEvents manually or enable automatic event synchronization.
2349347 CCURE Access Control 3.6 After the plugin role fails over, some hardware entities show as offline, which does not accurately reflect their current state.
Workaround: For Hardware, areas, and zones, switch Automatically synchronize when connected to ON, so that after a fail over, the hardware entities are updated.
2297840 CCURE Access Control 3.5 Manual actions are unavailable on a federated host.
2181423 CCURE Access Control 3.5 The Active manual actions task is only supported by CCURE 9000 2.6 and higher.
2177340 CCURE Access Control 3.5 You can acknowledge an alarm in Security Desk, but have the acknowledgment refused by CCURE 9000 if the alarm hasn't been responded to appropriately. When this occurs, the Security Desk operator is not notified.
Workaround: Respond to the alarm with the required actions before acknowledging the alarms.
2138461 CCURE Access Control 3.5 In Security Center, alarms and events rank 1 as the highest priority and 255 as the lowest priority. In CCURE 9000, events rank 255 as the highest priority and 0 as the lowest priority.
2136876 CCURE Access Control 3.5 Antipassback and other door controller-level settings must be configured in CCURE 9000. Changes made to values in Security Center are not pushed to CCURE 9000.
2123531 CCURE Access Control 3.5 You cannot use manual actions in Security Center to control CCURE 9000 entities on federated sites.
128133 CCURE 3.0 The Pre-Alarm Time option in the CCURE 9000 Administration Station is not supported in Security Center.
Workaround: In Security Center Config Tool, set the length of time in the Time to record before an event option in the Camera recording page of the Archiver, or in the Recording page of specific camera entities.
114152 CCURE 3.0 If you are using a multi-tile view in CCURE 9000, the playback button is disabled.
Workaround: Refresh the camera tile.
113458 CCURE 3.0 Access control units imported from CCURE 9000 are not included in Health statistics.
113455 CCURE 3.0 The following actions are not supported with CCURE 9000 entities:
  • Temporary override unlock schedules
  • Unlock for maintenance
  • Sound buzzer, silence buzzer
  • Reset area people count
  • Forgive antipassback violation
113454 CCURE 3.0 CCURE 9000 data is not included in the following reports:
  • People counting
  • Time and attendance
113453 CCURE 3.0 You cannot receive CCURE 9000 access control data from a federated Omnicast™ system that has the CCURE Access Control plugin installed.
104008 CCURE 3.0 When you unlock a door from the CCURE 9000 system using an access granted event, the lock status of the door in the door widget is not updated in Security Desk.