Monitoring CCURE events using the XFEvents management task - CCURE 3.7

CCURE Access Control Plugin Guide 3.7.0

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The XFEvent management task is an operation task in Security Desk that you can use to see the current state of all XFEvents imported from CCURE 9000. For a selected event, you can apply manual actions, view causes, and show instructions.

Before you begin

The plugin role must be connected and configured for live or automatic synchronization.

What you should know

  • The XFEvent Management task is added to Security Desk when the CCURE Access Control plugin is installed on your client workstation.
  • This report shows the current state of all XFEvents. To see acknowledged and closed events, generate the CCURE manual actions activity report investigation task.
  • In the CCURE 9000 system, an XFEvent is a work flow that can be configured to respond to different causes by triggering an alarm, an event, or a chain of events.


  1. From the Security Desk home page, open the XFEvent Management task.
  2. Filter the list using any of the following parameters:
    Name search
    Enter all or part of the name of a CCURE XFEvent.
    Select the state of the XFEvent that you want to see.
    Enter the keyword tags of the XFEvent that you want to see.
    Select the plugin role that contains the XFEvents that you want to see.
    NOTE: To ignore a filter, leave it blank.
  3. Click Generate report.