Supported reports for an CCURE Access Control plugin - CCURE 3.7

CCURE Access Control Plugin Guide 3.7.0

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Discover the reports added to Security Center by the CCURE Access Control plugin.

Custom tasks added by CCURE Access Control

The CCURE Access Control plugin adds the following tasks to Security Desk.

NOTE: If these reports are missing from the Security Desk home page, the plugin is not installed on your workstation.
Active manual actions
The Active manual actions task is an operation task in Security Desk that you can use to view and cancel any active causes on CCURE doors and CCURE alarms.
XFEvent management
The XFEvent management task is an operation task in Security Desk that you can use to see the current state of all XFEvents imported from CCURE 9000. For a selected event, you can apply manual actions, view causes, and show instructions.
CCURE manual actions audit trails
The CCURE manual actions audit trails task is an investigation task in Security Desk. You can use this task to search for actions performed in Security Center synchronized CCURE entities, and see which Security Center users performed the action and when.

Supported Security Center reports

You can use the following native Security Center tasks to investigate activity captured by the CCURE Access Control plugin. These reports are available from the Security Desk Tasks page.

  • Access control health history
  • Access control unit events
  • Cardholder access rights
  • Cardholder activities
  • Credential activities
  • Credential request history
  • Door activities
  • Visitor activities
  • Intrusion detection area activities
  • Intrusion detection unit events