Upgrading Genetec Inc. software on the CCURE 9000 server - CCURE 3.7

CCURE Access Control Plugin Guide 3.7.0

C•CURE 9000 Access Control
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To have the latest version of the CCURE Access Control plugin, you must upgrade all Genetec Inc. software on the CCURE 9000 server. You can upgrade from any earlier version directly to 3.7.0. You must do this task before upgrading the CCURE Access Control plugin.

Before you begin

What you should know

  • When uninstalling an application, use the Windows Programs and Features control panel (appwiz.cpl).


  1. If you have CCURE plugin version 3.4 or earlier: Uninstall the Genetec Security Center Plugins - Software House CCURE application.
    NOTE: This step is not required for the CCURE Access Control plugin 3.5 and later.
  2. If the version of the Security Center SDK running on this CCURE server is different than your current version of Security Center:
    1. Uninstall the Security Center SDK.
    2. Install the Security Center SDK version that matches your version of Security Center.
  3. Install the Genetec™ Security Center CCure Proxy Service 3.7.0.
  4. (Optional) Enable encryption on the CCURE Access Control plugin. For instructions, contact us and request the CCURE Encryption Technote.
  5. If you use the CCURE Video Integration, install it now. For instructions, refer to the CCURE Video Integration Plugin Guide.