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CCURE Access Control Plugin Guide 3.7.0

C•CURE 9000 Access Control
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The CCURE 9000 access control plugin integrates CCURE 9000 access control systems with Security Center. When integrated, Security Center can receive and monitor the entities and events from CCURE 9000 systems.

Configuration features in Config Tool

You can use the plugin to do the following in Config Tool:
  • Secure and encrypt communication of the CCURE 9000 proxy service and the CCURE Access Control plugin.
  • Manually synchronize Security Center with CCURE entities and events.
  • Enable live synchronization for the entities of your choice to capture changes, additions, and deletions as they occur on the CCURE system.
  • Enable automatic synchronization to capture the current state of CCURE entities when the plugin reconnects to the CCURE system after a loss of connection.
  • View the synchronization status of CCURE 9000 entities and events.
  • Link Security Center cameras to CCURE 9000 doors, door sides, areas, intrusion areas, elevators, inputs, and outputs so that you can view related video when access control events occur.
  • Configure event-to-actions using CCURE 9000 events.
  • Configure the behavior of alarm acknowledgments made in Security Center so that they are pushed to the CCURE 9000 system.

Operator features in Security Desk

You can use the plugin to do the following in Security Desk:
  • Monitor live and playback video from Security Center cameras that are linked to CCURE entities.
  • Open an CCURE 9000 access control event to see detailed information about the cardholders who caused the event, and to see a list of the previous doors that cardholders visited.
  • View the current state of CCURE 9000 doors (such as open and locked), control CCURE 9000 doors (such as lock and unlock).
  • In addition to locking and unlocking doors, perform the CCURE manual actions on your CCURE doors, inputs, outputs, intrusion areas, alarms, and cardholders.
  • Configure event-to-actions using CCURE 9000 events.
  • Generate Security Center reports to search for past CCURE 9000 events.
  • View the Causes list for an alarm, door, input, or output to see the action that caused an event and to see what other actions are pending.
  • Show the previous doors that a cardholder was granted or denied access to from the Cardholder activities report or from an access control event in a Monitoring task.

Other Security Center features you can use

Use the failover feature to protect the availability of the plugin role. By assigning a secondary server to host the plugin role, imported entities remain available if the primary server fails.

NOTE: Federation™ is not supported for this plugin.