How the CCURE Video Integration plugin works with Security Center - CCURE 3.7.0

CCURE Video Integration Plugin Guide 3.7.0

C•CURE 9000 Video
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Through the CCURE Video Integration plugin, PTZ camera commands and requests for video are sent from the CCURE 9000 system to Security Center. In turn, video and video events are sent from Security Center to CCURE 9000, where it can be viewed in the Monitoring Station application.

Config Tool
Config Tool is the Security Center administrative application used to manage all Security Center users and to configure all Security Center entities such as areas, cameras, doors, schedules, cardholders, patrol vehicles, ALPR units, and hardware devices.
Security Desk
Security Desk is the unified user interface of Security Center. It provides consistent operator flow across all of the Security Center main systems, Omnicast™, Synergis™, and AutoVu™. The unique task-based design of Security Desk lets operators efficiently control and monitor multiple security and public safety applications.
Genetec™ Server
Genetec™ Server is the Windows service that is at the core of Security Center architecture, and that must be installed on every computer that is part of the Security Center's pool of servers. Every such server is a generic computing resource capable of taking on any role (set of functions) you assign to it.
Security Center SDK
The Security Center Software Development Kit (SDK) is a software package installed on CCURE 9000 servers and client workstations and is used by external applications to communicate with Security Center.
Security Center CCURE video component service
The video component service, included in the CCURE Video Integration plugin installation package, is installed on CCURE 9000 servers and client workstations, and allows a Security Center system to be added as a video server. It uses the Security Center SDK to create a bridge between Security Center and the CCURE 9000 system.