Installing the CCURE Video Integration plugin on an everRun MX system with two nodes - CCURE 3.7.0

CCURE Video Integration Plugin Guide 3.7.0

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CCURE 3.7.0
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C•CURE 9000 Video

On a CCURE 9000 system configured for everRun MX High Availability, the CCURE Video Integration plugin needs to be installed on one of the redundant virtual machines.

What you should know

This task only covers the steps necessary to install the CCURE Video Integration plugin. For more information about installing and configuring everRun MX High Availability, see your everRun MX documentation.


  1. Connect to Citrix XenCenter.
  2. In the XenCenter tree view, select the active server and click the Console tab.
    NOTE: If you connect to a console and cannot click inside the Windows, that server is not active, select the second server.
  3. Install the Security Center SDK on the CCURE 9000 server and client workstations.
    IMPORTANT: The SDK must be the same version as Security Center.
  4. Install the CCURE Video Integration plugin on the console.
    IMPORTANT: Make sure you leave the Redundant server installation using supported third party redundancy option unchecked, and at the end of the installation select Start the Tyco CrossFire services.

    Once the plugin is installed on one of the servers, the two servers will synchronize. You can monitor the synchronization status between the two nodes by connecting to the web interface of the everRun MX console. For more information, see your everRun MX documentation.


You can now receive live events and view Security Center video in your CCURE 9000 system.