Card format aliases for use with Card Synchronization plugin - Card Synchronization 3.2

Card Synchronization Plugin Guide 3.2

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Card Synchronization 3.2
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Card Synchronization

Starting in Security Center, the Security Center SDK references native Security Center card formats differently. If the name of a card format in your data source is a native card format name, then you must replace it with the related alias.

Native card format name in Security Center 5.8 and earlier Native card format names in Security Center 5.8.1 and later Card format alias for use with Card Synchronization 3.2
Standard 26 bit 26 bit Wiegand Standard
HID 10302 37 Bits 37 bit Wiegand H10302
HID 10304 37 Bits unavailable H10304
HID 10306 36 Bits 36 bit Wiegand H10306
HID Corporate 1000 35 Bits 35 bit Wiegand Corporate1000
HID Corporate 1000 48 Bits 48 bit Wiegand Corporate48Bit
CSN (32 bits) 32 bit Wiegand Csn32bit
FASC-N 75 bits * 75 bit Wiegand FascN75Bit *
FASC-N 200 bits * 200 bit Wiegand FascN200Bit *
Raw Raw Raw
* FascN75Bit and FascN200Bit are only available for use in Security Center 5.8 and later.

Replacing card format names during import

You don't have to change the names of card formats directly in the data source. Instead, you can find and replace the names using the transform expressions feature, as shown in the following image. For instructions, see Importing entities from a database and Importing entities from Azure AD.