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For custom fields to be imported into Security Center, the database view for custom fields must follow the Card Synchronization schema.

The file data source follows the same schema as the database data source. One file is equivalent to one view in a database. A delimited text file can be created for each of the following:
  • Cardholders
  • Cardholder groups
  • Cardholder group members
  • Credentials
Each file has mandatory and optional columns, depending on what information is contained in the file.
  • Mandatory columns must be included in your delimited text file, and must be filled.
  • Optional columns can be excluded from your delimited text file.
  • Values are case sensitive.
  • For credentials using custom card formats, you must create corresponding custom card formats in Security Center.
  • If you have custom fields to import for cardholders, cardholder groups, or credentials, you must add another column in the respective file.

    For each custom field you add, you must create a corresponding custom field in Security Center.

  • If the delimiter is present in one of the values to import, edit the file so that the value is between quotation marks.