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The Card Synchronization plugin 3.2 includes the following known limitations.

Issue Description
2685049 The following card format names are reserved as aliases: Standard, H10302, H10304, H10306, Corporate1000, Corporate48Bit, Csn32bit, FascN75Bit, FascN200Bit, and Raw. Aliases must not be used as the name of a custom card format in Security Center. Make sure that the card format in your data source is identified either by its bit length, such as 26 bit Wiegand, or by one of the aliases listed above.
2495490 The HID H10302 and HID H10304 credentials are both Wiegand 37-bit credentials. If you enter "Wiegand 37 bit" as the format name, the system uses HID H10302, not HID H10304.
Workaround: To specify an HID H10304 credential, enter "H10304" as the format name.
2345340 When synchronizing credentials, the 26 Bit Wiegand credentials fail in non-English versions of Security Center because the name of the format changes in each language.
Workaround: Use the "Standard" card format.
2299156 Starting in Security Center, the Security Center SDK references native Security Center card formats differently.
Workaround: If the name of a card format in your data source is a native card format name, replace it with the related alias, as described in Card format aliases for use with Card Synchronization plugin.
1898460 You cannot import Azure AD pictures from an Azure AD data source.
Workaround: From Azure AD, assign the picture you want to import to the user as an Office 365 picture instead of an Azure AD picture.
1666830 When adding an ODBC data source for a Microsoft Access database, your ODBC drivers must use the same architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) as GenetecPlugin.exe. Otherwise, you receive a validation error.
1285278 When you import a credential and the related cardholder is missing from the data source, the import succeeds. You are not notified that the credential is not linked.
1137316 Activation and expiration dates in data sources must be configured in the ISO 8601 format. For example, 2018-06-28T22:15:00Z.

Custom fields in Security Center using the Date data type must also be configured in the ISO 8601 format.

1059707 Entities imported through Federation™ or the Active Directory cannot be modified by the plugin. Only custom fields linked to those entities can be synchronized.