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The Archiver role is responsible for the discovery, status polling, and control of video units. The Archiver also manages the video archive and performs motion detection if it is not done on the unit itself.

Auxiliary Archiver

The Auxiliary Archiver role supplements the video archive produced by the Archiver role. Unlike the Archiver role, the Auxiliary Archiver role is not bound to any particular discovery port, therefore, it can archive any camera in the system, including cameras federated from other Security Center systems. The Auxiliary Archiver role cannot operate independently; it requires the Archiver role to communicate with video units.

Cloud Archives

Cloud Archives is a service from Genetec Inc. that enables organizations to maintain video recordings in the cloud, while continuing to leverage their existing Security Center system.

cloud platform

A cloud platform provides remote computing and storage services through centralized data centers that are accessible via the Internet.

Genetecâ„¢ Server

Genetecâ„¢ Server is the Windows service that is at the core of Security Center architecture, and that must be installed on every computer that is part of the Security Center's pool of servers. Every such server is a generic computing resource capable of taking on any role (set of functions) you assign to it.

Motion search

The Motion search task is an investigation task that searches for motion detected in specific areas of a camera's field of view.


A role is a software component that performs a specific job within Security Center. To execute a role, you must assign one or more servers to host it.


In Security Center, a server entity represents a computer on which the Genetecâ„¢ Server service is installed.

video archive

A video archive is a collection of video, audio, and metadata streams managed by an Archiver or Auxilliary Archiver role. These collections are catalogued in the archive database that includes camera events linked to the recordings.