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Cloud Archives

The Cloud Archives plugin and associated cloud services have been superseded by Omnicastâ„¢ Cloud storage.

Use this version of Cloud Archives to access your video archives in Security Center, before migrating to the Cloud storage solution. For more information on migrating Cloud Archives to Cloud storage, contact your local sales representative.

Cloud storage improves upon and replaces Cloud Archives. Use it to upload video recordings from local Archivers to the cloud, and to stream video archives from the cloud to clients and federated users connected to the system.

With Cloud storage, you only pay for what you need. You can increase or decrease storage capacity without purchasing additional hardware. Cloud storage provides a clear path towards a hybrid video surveillance architecture. Your operators can quickly search and play back video located on-premises and in a high-performance cloud repository. You can also store video for long periods at a lower cost. This helps you comply with corporate policies and industry regulations efficiently.

For more information on Cloud storage, see About Cloud storage.