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To make sure that Cloud Archives is constantly available and accommodates for potential network outages and variations in video recording throughput, your network must meet minimum uplink throughput and communication port requirements.

Item Requirement
Connection type Internet
Uplink throughput to the cloud 30% higher than video recording throughput
Network availability Minimum 99.9% guaranteed (SLA) by the Internet service provider
Network latency Less than 150 milliseconds with one Azure data center:
Communication ports TCP port 443 (HTTPS) open
Firewall rule Allow URLs *

Your network must provide a guaranteed uplink that is 30% greater than the video throughput recorded by all the Archivers or Auxiliary Archivers configured on the server on which you will install Cloud Archives.

  • If your system has one Archiver that records 100 Mbps of video, your network must provide a guaranteed uplink to the cloud of at least 130 Mbps.
  • If your system has two Archivers that record 100 Mbps of video each, your network must provide a guaranteed uplink of at least 260 Mbps.
Cloud Archives uploads the video archives as fast as the uplink allows it using HTTPS. If you need more than 1 Gbps of throughput per system, please contact Genetec Inc.