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For Cloud Archives solutions that require six months of video retention, it is important to consider the size of the Archiver SQL Database.

If an Archiver with Cloud Archives enabled is using a local SQL Express instance, which is the default setup, then that SQL edition has database size limit of 10 GB. Based on system design guidelines for the Archiver database, an SQL Express database would reach 10 GB at 10,000 camera days.
NOTE: 10,000 camera days is equivalent to 100 cameras recording for 100 days.
If retention is set to six months (180 days), then 10,000 camera days would be reached by 55 cameras recording on that Archiver. If the Archiver is designed with 100 cameras recording for 180 days, or 18,000 camera days (180 x 100 = 18,000), then there is a risk of reaching the 10 GB limit for the database before the desired retention.
To mitigate the risk, it is recommended to either distribute cameras over multiple Archiver roles, or use other SQL editions that have no database size limit.