Activating the Cloud Link Roadrunner™ cloud connection for Synergis™ SaaS edition deployments - Cloud Link Roadrunner™ 2.0.4

Cloud Link Roadrunner™ User Guide 2.0.4

Cloud Link Roadrunner™
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When the Cloud Link Roadrunner™ cloud connection is activated, you can establish a secure connection to the cloud from each Cloud Link Roadrunner™ unit that is enrolled in a hosted Synergis™ SaaS edition deployment.

What you should know

For the cloud connection to be activated, Cloud Agent must be installed and enabled on the Cloud Link Roadrunner™ unit, and the unit must be enrolled under a hosted SaaS Access Manager.

Cloud Agent is a separate software module that establishes a secure connection to the cloud. It comes pre-installed and enabled by default on Cloud Link Roadrunner™ units.


  1. Ensure that Cloud Agent is enabled on the unit by logging on to the Synergis™ SaaS Agent portal:
    1. In a web browser, enter the following URL, where <IP address> is the IP address of the Cloud Link Roadrunner™ unit:
      https://<IP address>/CloudAgent
    2. Enter the same username and password you would use to log on to the Cloud Link Roadrunner™ unit, and then click Connect.
      If the Disable button is displayed, Cloud Agent is enabled. If the Enable button is displayed, click it, and then click Enable Cloud Agent.
      Activation page of the Synergis™ SaaS Agent portal, highlighting the Disable button.
  2. Add the unit to a cloud-hosted Access Manager.