What is Cloud Link Roadrunner™? - Cloud Link Roadrunner™ 2.0.4

Cloud Link Roadrunner™ User Guide 2.0.4

Cloud Link Roadrunner™
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Cloud Link Roadrunner™ is an Internet of Things (IoT) device that protects unsupervised enclosures such as those that contain telecommunications equipment. The unit communicates with Security Center and lets you open the enclosure doors remotely or by using an access control card on-site. Cloud Link Roadrunner™ is considered a Synergis™ appliance and is enrolled in Security Center as an access control unit.

The following example shows how Cloud Link Roadrunner™ adds access control to an unsupervised enclosure.

  Component Description
A Cloud Link Roadrunner™ The unit manages access control hardware in the enclosure and communicates with Security Center.
B Network switch The unit communicates with Security Center using the enclosure's network.
C Power supply The enclosure's power supply provides 24 Vdc to the unit.
D Card reader Up to two card readers are installed on an outside panel of the enclosure.
E Door position sensor (DPS) The DPS sends a signal indicating if the door is open or closed.
F Motorized lock The unit can control up to two locks. The locks can be installed in a new enclosure or they can be used to retrofit an existing enclosure.