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In certain installations of the SharpV camera, it is possible to capture license plate reads from multiple lanes. Depending on your installation, you need to configure the settings on the Sharp Portal to monitor multiple lanes.

Monitoring multiple lanes

When a SharpV is used to monitor multiple lanes, the field of view (FOV) is expanded to cover a wider area, impacting the quality of license plate reads. Hence the character height range needs to be adjusted to improve the read rates. Following are examples of installation types with their corresponding configurations to implement multiple lane monitoring:

Monitoring multiple lanes in an overpass installation

If the SharpV camera is positioned on an overpass between two lanes, you need to enable the Dual-lane feature in the Sharp Portal to read license plates across lanes. For more information on Dual lane, see the SharpV Administrator Guide 12.8.

Monitoring multiple lanes in a roadside installation

If your SharpV camera is positioned on the roadside, you need to manually adjust the configurations of character height.

IMPORTANT: As the FOV does not allow the user to draw a distinct center line separating the lanes, the SharpV will read license plates but will not be able to label them with the lane details.