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Coppernic C-One² Mobile Readers for Evacuation Assistant

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After you add the C-One² mobile reader in Security Center, you must assign it to a door in Config Tool.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task, and click Add an entity > Door.
  2. On the Basic information page of the Creating a door wizard, configure the following:
    Entity name
    Enter a name to identify the door as a mustering point.
    Entity description
    Enter a description for the door.
    Select a mustering area used in your Evacuation Assistant setup.
  3. Click Next, and then configure the settings on the Door information page:
    Alpha door side and Omega door side
    Enter names for the door sides. The defaults are In and Out.
    Access control unit
    Select your Synergis™ Cloud Link unit.
    Interface module
    Select the Coppernic device under the Synergis™ Cloud Link unit.
  4. Click the Next.
  5. Review the Summary page, and click Create > Close.
    The new door is displayed in the entity tree.
  6. Click the door's Hardware tab.
  7. In the Door side In section, select the C-One² mobile reader from the Reader list.
    No other configuration is required for this door.
  8. Click Apply.